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deegree2 user documentation

Relevant information for users of deegree2 services and applications.

1. General

deegree2 is available in a stable version which can be used in productive systems.

2. Downloading deegree2

If you want to download preconfigured applications, please visit the deegree download pages.
There are other applications, which need to be checked out from deegree SVN. Please refer to Eclipse and its sub pages for details.

There is a nice overview of available WebServices in deegree, with short descriptions and links to further reading. Find out about the features of deegree web services (WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW, WPVS, WPS, SOS, WCTS, WMPS).

To test WebServices for OGC compliance, see the TeamEngine and the ServiceTesting pages for more information.

Read more about CommonProblems when setting up deegree WebServices.

Read more about UtilityServlets in deegree 2, including servlets to redirect requests based on certain rules.

4.1. WebClients

Information on deegree WebClients (such as iGeoPortal, owsWatch, drm-admin, coordinateCalculator, Tibesti) within the deegree family can be found as well.

4.2. OpenJUMP & ConfigTool

OpenJUMP is an Open Source SDI-Desktop-Client. deegree offers a collection of plugins which are known as the ConfigTool. The latest available package (OpenJUMP plus deegree plugins) can be downloaded at OpenJumpPackages.

4.3. deegree desktop

The application deegree desktop is under development (code name: iGeoDesktop). Read more on the dedicated deegreeDesktop page.

4.4. iGeoSecurity

The iGeoSecurity package includes

  1. deegree's User and Rights Management (data base back end and web interface) and
  2. owsProxy, which can be used to protect OGC web services for unauthorized access.

4.5. deegree tools

The deegreeTools are a fine collection of usefull command line tools, which come in handy when setting up a spatial data infrastructure.

5. Tutorials

There are no tutorials available yet.

6. HowTo

There are some HowTo pages for deegree2:

Please consider adding new HowTo pages yourself.

7. FAQ

Have a look at the selection of FrequentlyAskedQuestions. If your question is not listed and you find it worth while adding it to our FAQ, plase edit the FAQ page and add the question. Someone will answer it eventually.

If you have a specific problem, you might also find an answer in one of the growing numbers of HowTo pages.


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