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deegree3 developer team meeting 2009-01-06

Protocol by: RutgerBezema

Attendees: MarkusSchneider, ChristianKiehle, RutgerBezema

1. Feature and Geometry model

First usage of the d3 feature and geometry model have been reported, although some issues are still open (missing constructors, application of filters etc.), the overall opinion of the usability and complexity of these models have been positive.

Currently a discussion arose about the mutability of geometries and features. It was found that features should be mutable, the d3 developers have a tendency toward immutable geometries, but we are still discussing the pros and contras, the result will be discussed in the next deegree developermeeting

2. Versioning of modules

The current svn module structure, does not contain any systematic version control. To overcome this problem following suggestion was discussed: A version registry class in the commons module will allow all modules to register their Version information (version-number, build-number, svn-number, creator, date) so that every module can access this information.

As a result of the above discussion, it was found, that each module's version-number should start with a 3 (as in deegree 3) and the former buildID.properties and version.properties should be merged into only one property file. This file might be generated with ant on the fly or be located in the src tree, to be continued.

3. OGC registration

In a Response to the email from David Wesloh, requesting all ows6 participants to register their WPS and SOS versions on the OGC webside, Christian will register our pre-releases of WPS 1.0 and SOS 1.0 by the end of january.

4. WPVS development

The development of the WPVS (Web Perspective View Service) has been initialized, it will be based on jogl (not java3d) and use a totally rewritten data model.


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