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deegree3 developer meeting (2008/09/10)

Protocol by: MarkusSchneider

Participants: RutgerBezema, ChristianKiehle, AndreasPoth, MarkusSchneider, OliverTonnhofer

1. Regular developer meetings

It was decided that future deegree3 developer meetings should be held at regular intervals:

every Tuesday at 10:00 AM

The developer meetings will provide a means for

2. Documentation of deeegree3 development status

The deegreeWiki will be used to document the development of deegree3. An initial page structure has been created at deegree3/development.

3. Development process

The deegree3 development process focuses on subsystems, i.e. functional units with specific responsibilities for various aspects of geoprocessing. We want to achieve the following goals with this approach:

Each subsystem has it's own wiki page that documents requirements, status and design issues.

4. Build Process

The build process will use Ivy for resolving the dependencies between the deegree3 SVN modules.

5. Upcoming / ongoing tasks

5.1. WPS / Processing

The WPS protoype has to be delivered at the end of September. The following important issues have to be resolved quickly:

5.2. Feature and object model

Markus reported that the feature and object model of deegree3 is progressing. It is expected that the following functionality will be available at the end of week 38:

To take the functionality to the next level, parsers for GML geometries will be needed next.

5.3. WCS / RasterAPI

Oliver is working on the deegree3 WCS. It was noted that the WCS service interface is of minor relevance, as WCS clients are rather uncommon. The raster functionality is usually accessed through the WMS interface or internally in deegree. Only the WCS 1.0.0 standard will be implemented for now.

It was noted that the crucial process of index-building (RasterTreeBuilder) needs a good documentation and maybe a GUI.

5.4. Configuration issues

The discussion about avoiding redundancies in service configuration documents was postponed. However, the following aspects have been noted:


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