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deegree3 development

Start page of the deegree3 development and design documentation.

1. General requirements and design goals

Like previous deegree versions, deegree3 will be a framework for geospatial services and applications. It is completly rewritten (not based on deegree 2 code) and designed to overcome several shortcomings that are related to the design of deegree2.

This is discussed in detail on the requirements page.

2. Services

A central part of the deegree3 framework are implementations of OGC web services.

Pages containg information on specific deegree3 services:

3. Clients

deegree3 will provide a number of web-based and standalone client applications as well.

Corresponding information can be found on the clients page.

4. API subsystems

A different view on the deegree framework is that of its API subsystems, i.e. the functional components that OGC web services page and clients are built upon. This is described on the subsystems page.

Pages containing information an specific deegree3 API subsystems:

5. Build process

The build process of the deegree3 SVN modules is described at the build process page.

6. Coding practices

Good deegree3 coding practices and useful code snippets are collected on the coding practices page.

Some information on how to make the most out of maven within the deegree context can be found on our maven page.

A shell script that can be used to create an eclipse cache for your local schema definitions can be found here.

7. Developer meetings

Protocols of the weekly developer meetings can be found on the developer meeting pages.


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