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Data / Metadata Coupling

This page describes the coupling between data and metadata using deegree webservices. Currently there is the possibility to couple data served by deegree featureServices (through FeatureTypes) and deegree mapServices (through layers) with corresponding metadata. This results in the generation of MetadataURL elements within the Capabilities documents.

The configuration of the data / metadata coupling happens within the specific webservices configuration files.

A global MetadataURLTemplate element provides a template for generating URLs of ISO metadata records. In the example below, this is a KVP-encoded GetRecordById request template to a CSW instance. Every layer (for WFS: feature type) in the configuration can carry a MetadataSetId element to define the actual metadata record identifier (usually a UUID). This allows deegree mapServices to generate the MetadataURL element in the GetCapabilities response.

1. Detailed Configuration

1.1. Example for data / metadata coupling within a deegree mapService configuration

<deegreeWMS [...]>
    <Title>Administrative unit</Title>

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