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deegree PSC Meeting (2012-09-27): Strategy meeting with invited guests

PSC Attendees: HermanAssink, JensFitzke

Guests: TorstenFriebe (TMC), Bernhard Reiter (Advisor), MarkusSchneider (TMC)

Location/Time: Essen, Germany, Linuxhotel / 10:15 - 16:10 h CET

1. Agenda

2. Introduction

3. Expectations

As a start a collection of the participants' expectations to the meeting was compiled as follows:

4. Discussion

The discussion was extensive and took most of the day. It covered the following topics.

4.1. deegree's market position

During the discussion it turned out that deegree's market position is not clear at all. Especially when looking at neighbour projects the following questions appear:

It became clear that we had to focus on the project's stakeholders...

4.2. Stakeholders / Inside and Outside

We obviously have to deal with two main groups of stakeholders in the project ...


... where on the left are the technicians, mostly individuals, doing technical or operational stuff (the project's 'back end'). They usually do not spend money, but time on the project. On the right are users, mostly as institutions which are interested in high-quality products and solutions based on deegree (the project's 'front end'). They are willing to pay for this.

This leads to the following challenges:

4.3. A formal project organisation or institution

A formal project institution might help to improve the overall project's organisation, appearance and momentum. On the other hand it will absorb quite some money to establish such an institution. Bernhard's advice here was not to invest any effort in this as long as 1) the role and responsibility of the institution is not 100 per cent clear and 2) resources to establish the institution are limited (which currently is the case).

In the discussion we have been playing around with metaphors for the institution, namely "umbrella" and "pool"...


... where the institution might act as an umbrella to protect their members (against the rain or the sun) or it can be seen as a pool (of resources, where you can jump in). Instead of establishing this institution we will rather

At a later stage - when resources are available and necessary rules are identified - we might then be able to establish a deegree institution.

4.4. A partner model

The term 'partner model' refers to a set of rules and regulations which define how a set of institutions (namely companies) can work together to support the deegree project. Currently the following three companies are mainly investing into the project: IDgis, lat/lon, and Occam Labs.

The future partner model shall include structures and procedures to define

5. Actions



6. Other stuff

For reference - An overview of the meeting pin board:



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