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deegree 3 services console

NOTE: If you are looking for the current deegree 3 documentation, please refer to the official documentation on the deegree homepage.

This page explains the use of the web based user interface to configure your deegree installation.

If you are not running an instance of deegree yet, please make sure that you meet the system requirements and follow the instructions there.

1. Introduction

The deegree 3 services console is a web based GUI for convenient editing the configuration files in the so-called deegree workspace. It is included in the downloadable deegree 3 web services.

Currently, not all aspects of the service configuration can be configured using this interface and sometimes things may not work as expected.

There are known issues with Chrome and Safari browsers, it's best tested with Firefox.

For information on manual editing of configuration files in deegree 3, please refer to the workspace page.

NOTE: Please use the Firefox browser for performing the configuration steps.
There are known problems with other browsers (e.g. Safari and Chrome) that cause configuration changes not being saved properly. Sorry for this inconvenience, we're trying to fix this as soon as possible!

That said, enjoy and please let us know if you encounter any issues. Also, you may want to consider contributing to improve the services console.

2. First steps

If everything is running fine you should see this page in your browser:

services console

2.1. Login

To log into your instance of deegree, simply enter the default password "deegree" (without the quote signs) .


You should now be logged in.

2.2. Further configurations

To get started on how to add data or database connections to your installation, please choose one of the tutorials below.

2.2.1. HowTo pages

These tutorials will give you a short overview on configuring deegree easily via the deegree 3 services console.

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