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HowTo: change the metadata settings of web services

1. Introduction

This HowTo page describes how to use the deegree 3 services console to change the metadata settings of deegree 3 web services. The description is based on the deegree3 utahDemo ready for download.

The GetCapabilities response of an OGC compliant web service contains a <Service> section. How to change the contents of this metadata section will be explained on this page. A speciality of deegree 3 is that changing the metadata will have effect on all the web services of this workspace.

Services console login: "deegree" (without the quote signs) is the default password.

2. Change metadata

3. Check success

4. What next ?

The service metadata is there already. Now we want a new feature store for our WFS or WMS! The logical follow-up will be handled in other tutorials and teach you how to add a shape feature store, how to add a SimpleSQL feature store or how to add a PostGIS feature store.

5. Further reading

Other pages focusing on the deegree 3 services console:

Detailed description of the deegree 3 workspace and associated configuration pages:

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