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HowTo: change the styling of a mapService layer

1. Introduction

This HowTo page describes how to use the deegree 3 services console to change the styling of an existing mapService layer. The description is based on the deegree3 utahDemo ready for download.

...more details to come...

Services console login: "deegree" (without the quote signs) is the default password.

2. Change layer styling

3. Check success

  1. View the layer in the map:

    Go to the integrated OpenLayers client by clicking on see layers, activate the Cities layer in the layer list on the rigt hand side, and, depending on the right scale, you will get pretty hughe stars as point symbolisers for larger cities in Utah. If you are seeing red squares as point symbolisers, you are too close and need to zoom out. Remember: the changes in the style definition where made for large scales above 2000000.

4. What next ?


5. Further reading

Other pages focusing on the deegree 3 services console:

Detailed description of the deegree 3 workspace and associated configuration pages:

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